Monday, September 10, 2007

who needs a countdown

i found out today that chewing gum is now sold in singapore. the non-medicinal type of chewing gum. i also found out you have your ic number and name recorded whenever you buy a packet.

it's rather silly thinking about it. i guess there's the concern of vandalism involving chewing gum which is more troublesome and destructive than most. but it also means that it's easier to buy cigerettes than it is to buy chewing gum. surely something's wrong with that.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

we're all made of carbon

can't wait for this to come! :) it's one of the tshirt designs i got from threadless, wonder if i could get an entire periodic table illustrated this way... i guess the esoteric ones like unununium will be a little hard to picture.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

in my inbox this morning...

the threadless 10 dollar sale!

been waiting for this since charlene introduced me to the website in may. i'd been keeping a list of tshirts i found in the catalogue that i would have liked to get. had to pick 3 from the list (any more would have been ridiculous i think) and they're on their way! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

supper at fong seng

the night before gillian flew off, one of those sure signs that summer is coming to an end.

recurring feelings of not having spent enough time with everyone and not having soaked in enough of singapore to last me another year. three more weeks to going back, then three months before being back for christmas :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

back from kunming and soon off to london

been back from kunming for a week and made arrangements for the rugby world cup. rugby means leaving for london then lyon on the september 13th, which works out to excitement and reluctance to cut short summer in singapore.

third and final year doesn't seem to diminish the desire to come back during the holidays, but it does add urgency to the want to see more of the uk and europe. bah. so far, greece is lined up for june with xiao en after the end of term :)

pictures from the one and a half weeks in kunming:

a view from xishan of kunming (with nifty highway systems which remind me of something from a kid with a set of road tracks) and dian chi, a -huge- lake which could probably fit kunming into it.

photos from the camp. my class, the team of teachers the rest from south korea and a photo from the park in yunnan university.

from xishan: chairlift from the base station / dian chi / the forest on xishan on the way up / a doorway along the footpath on the way down / a huge mirror in the middle of nowhere / the grotto that took me a while to waddle down / a wind up tractor / packed busride / temple along the route down on the face of xishan

motorcycle in the market / baby girl by the sidewalk / horse by the roadside / guo qiao mi sian (which translates literally to across the bridge rice noodles) / an old man in the park flying a kite (always thought those umbrella hats were so useful) / my favourite er kuai stall / two old men taking a walk in the park / an old lady at the flower wholesale market / an alleyway (i think they knew i was taking their photo)

my favourite photo, though not my favourite er kuai shop. it's got youtiao with sweet peanut sauce wrapped up in a flat rice cake, all warm and nice and gooey :)